The Integral Mindfulness Program for Teachers

Pine Cone in OregonIn a sentence: This is an integral mindfulness training program directed specifically toward the needs of those in the teaching professions, particularly (but not exclusively) in schools.

Recently mindfulness has gained a lot of attention in schools, companies and organizations as a method for helping to manage and reduce stress. Integral Mindfulness is a multi-disciplinary approach that teaches mindfulness as a method of enhancing and transforming multiple aspects of our personal wellbeing & professional performance.

Aims and Objectives of the Program:

The aims and objectives of the Integral Mindfulness Program (IMP) in general are to:

Provide a clear, simple toolbox of methods for training the mind, brain & body to perform optimally in today’s fast paced, demanding & changeable workplace. The IMP focuses on improving specific qualities within our moment to moment awareness as the principle method by which these positive effects are achieved”.

You can read full details of the IMP for organizations and companies HERE.

The IMP for Teachers focuses upon specific mindfulness skills relevant to the teaching professions, specifically:

  • How to deal more effectively & confidently with the constant busyness and stress of teaching
  • How to manage time better using mindfulness
  • How to use mindfulness for reflection, developing calm & self-care
  • Developing & sustaining passion, care & creativity in your work
  • Facilitating appreciation & positivity on a daily basis
  • Processing difficult emotions more authentically & effectively
  • Developing greater objectivity & engaged detachment as well as  make practical use of the ‘big picture perspective’
  • Use mindfulness as a way of relating to relating to the children/students in your care with greater empathy
  • Cultivating relaxed concentration and focus
  • Improve your relational & communication skills with children, colleagues & parents. In particular using mindfulness to encourage & create an environment of mutual trust and support

In addition to these teacher specific skills, the IMP for teachers also looks at how each of these mindfulness activities can be integrated into a classroom activity with the children, so what you are practising yourself as an adult teacher you can be explaining and teaching in a simple, enjoyable format to your children!

The IMPT teaches mindfulness in a way that is easy & time effective to integrate into your daily life, each practice taught can be done in short 3,5&10 minute formats as well as extended for longer periods. In this way it is designed to be very time effective.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Formats that the IMP for Teachers (IMPT) can be delivered in:

The IMPT can be presented in a variety of program lengths according to the time available and the requirements of the school or institution;

  • The IMPT can be presented in a series of two taster sessions lasting 60-90minutes
  • A half, full or two day workshop.
  • Alternatively it can be presented as a five-eight week course, with one module of 1-2 hours being presented each week.

In Addition to the Course Itself Participants will be provided with:

  • An extensive set of notes and articles on the mindfulness practices taught
  • A set of short MP3 recordings of the basic Integral Mindfulness Practices for easy integration into their own daily life and routine 


To discuss the further possibility of doing the IMPT with your school you can contact Toby at or phone 65-96750279

Toby Ouvry bw (142 x 196)About the Coach/Facilitator

The facilitator of the IMP is Toby Ouvry. Toby is a British ex-Buddhist Monk based in Singapore with over eighteen years of personal mindfulness and meditation experience and over fourteen years of teaching it to groups and individuals. He is the founder of Integral Meditation Asia, an organization dedicated to bringing integrated consciousness development to both organizations and individuals. You can read more fully about Toby HERE.


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