Peak Performance for the Mind – The Integral Mindfulness Program (For Companies and Organizations)

677-02396850 Model Release: No Property Release: No Rocks stacked in a riverThis is a concise, easy to use and implement training program to enable you and your team to function optimally in an increasingly challenging workplace. It also aims to further develop an individual and group mindset that enables each member’s gifts and talents to flow and develop fully.

The facilitator has extensive, real-time personal experience of what it takes to create an optimally functioning mind and brain, and what it really takes to transform and re-direct stress in a constructive manner.

Mindfulness is a form of personal development training that has an ever increasing body of scientific evidence to support its ability to enhance physical and mental performance, focus, memory and cognition as well as reducing stress, and improving task-focus

Aims and objectives of the Integral Mindfulness Program

The Integral Mindfulness Program (IMP) aims to provide a clear, simple toolbox of methods for training the mind, brain and body to perform optimally in today’s fast paced, demanding and changeable workplace. The IMP focuses on improving specific qualities within our moment to moment awareness as the principle method by which these positive effects are achieved.


Watch Toby introducing the Integral Mindfulness Program and explaining:

  • How it aims to create a win-win relationship between professional effectiveness and personal happiness
  • The modular aspect of the IMP
  • The integral or integrative aspect of the program
  • How mindfulness bridges the gap between intellectual understanding and experience

Content and structure of the Integral Mindfulness Program

The IMP consists of a set of seven discreet mindful awareness practices, each designed to enhance the functional quality of an individual’s awareness. These mindfulness techniques are practiced in conjunction with each other in order to create an integrated and high-functioning experience of moment to moment awareness.

The IMP covers not just the practices themselves, but also looks at specific ways in which they can be applied to real-time events and challenges in working life.

The diagram below gives a bare bones outline of the seven foundational mindfulness practices:


About the Coach: 

The facilitator of the IMP is Toby Ouvry. Toby is a British ex-Buddhist Monk based in Singapore with over eighteen years of personal mindfulness and meditation experience and over fourteen years of teaching it to groups and individuals. He is the founder of Integral Meditation Asia, an organization dedicated to bringing integrated consciousness development to both organizations and individuals.

Organizations the IMP is most likely to benefit:

    • Companies and sectors of companies where the environmental demands are dynamic, fast-paced, diverse and changeable.
    • Organizations whose employees are regularly working and living in overtly stressful conditions and environments, for example NGO’s, civil service, emergency services or the police force etc…
    • Educational Institutions wishing to provide students and employees with skills that will increase their mental and emotional balance, creative autonomy and ability to process stress and tension effectively.

Formats that the IMP can be presented in

The IMP can be presented in a variety of program lengths according to the time available and the requirements of the organization;

  • The shortest “bare bones” presentation is a one hour basic introduction to the IMP, from which a more detailed program can be developed.
  • Then options are a three hour practical  IMP workshop or an  extended full one day workshop.
  • Alternatively it can be presented as a five week course, with one module of 1-2 hours being presented each week.

In Addition to the Course Itself Participants will be provided with:

  • An extensive set of notes and articles on the mindfulness practices taught
  • A set of short MP3 recordings of the basic Integral Mindfulness Practices for easy integration into their own daily life and routine


To discuss the further possibility of doing the Integral Mindfulness Program with your organization you can contact Toby at or phone 65-96750279


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