Peak Performance for the Mind – The Integral Mindfulness Program (For Companies and Organizations)

Mindfulness is a form of personal development training with an ever-increasing body of scientific evidence supporting its ability to enhance physical and mental performance, focus, memory and cognition as well as reducing stress, and improving task-focus.

Integral mindfulness aims to develop both the professional effectiveness of the individual as well as their personal wellbeing. The Integral Mindfulness Program (IMP) offers practical, easy to implement tools helping you and your team function optimally in challenging workplace environments. It teaches formal and informal methods of mindfulness practice that can easily be brought into your daily routine.

The creator of the program, Toby Ouvry has over twenty years of experience in teaching mindfulness. He is the author of the book Engaged Mindfulness, the founder of Integral Meditation Asia, the mindfulness facilitator at the INSEAD Singapore campus. He has extensive experience coaching mindfulness at MNC’s, Educational Institutions, and SME’s.

The Seven Domains of the Integral Mindfulness Program

The IMP teaches mindfulness across seven principle domains. Each engages a particular set of skills that have a direct baring upon work effectiveness and personal wellbeing. In summary these are:

1) Developing focus & concentration – Improve task focus & work effectiveness through the cultivation of mindful flow states. Work better with less effort.

2) Present moment awareness –  Reduce stress & increase your work quality by becoming more present to the task at hand. Learn how to think more intelligently about the past and future.

3) Mindfulness of the mind & thoughts – How to think mindfully with greater clarity, positivity and understanding.

4)  Physical relaxation & sensory awareness – Help your body to remain healthy and energised  as you work by mindfully releasing tension and looking after its needs.

5) Appreciation and gratitude – Increase psychological enjoyment and resilience. Build positive relationships using mindful attention.

6) Increasing your mindful emotional intelligence – Process difficult emotions more effectively, and build a healthy, powerful emotional core.

7) Develop your perception and wisdom – enhance your ability to learn from real time experiences, and respond more wisely to challenges as they arise. Increase response-abilty, decrease reactivity

Each of these seven practices directly enhances the functional quality mindful attention. These techniques are practiced in conjunction with each other to create an integrated, high-functioning experience of moment to moment awareness.

The IMP covers not just the practices themselves, it looks at specific ways that they can be applied to real-time events and challenges in working life.

Organizations the IMP is most likely to benefit:

  • Companies and sectors of companies where the environmental demands are dynamic, fast-paced, diverse and changeable.
  • Organizations whose employees regularly encounter overtly stressful conditions and environments, either psychologically or physically.
  • Educational Institutions wishing to provide students and employees with skills that will increase their mental and emotional balance, creative autonomy and ability to process stress and tension effectively.

Formats that the IMP can be presented in

The IMP can be presented in a variety of program lengths according to the time available and the requirements of the organization.

  • It can be presented as a 1-2hour minute practical introduction to engaged mindfulness, from which a more detailed program can be developed if desired.
  • Then options are a three-hour practical IMP workshop or an extended full one-day workshop.
  • Alternatively, it can be presented as a seven week course, with one module of 1-2 hours being presented each week.
  • Please note that Toby also runs a year-round program for some institutions, such as INSEAD. Longer term interventions are available.

In addition to the live training, participants of the IMP are provided with:

  • An extensive set of notes and articles on the mindfulness practices taught
  • A set of short MP3 recordings of the basic Integral Mindfulness Practices for easy integration into their own daily life and routine

To find out more or to engage Toby at your organization: email , or SMS 65-96750279.

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