Special Offer for 1:1 Coaching at Integral Meditation Asia in January 2017

yin-yang-handsDear Integral Meditators,

I hope this message finds you well, and that you are looking forward  to a mindful, inspired and fulfilling 2017!

The beginning of the year can be a great time to spend quality time on getting your mind, body and heart perpared for the challenges you are facing as the year progresses. With this in mind I will be offering a special 20% discount offer on all 1:1 meditation and mindfulness coaching services for the month of January at Integral Meditation Asia. This is a saving of Sing$120 if you book as set of 3x 60minute sessions, or Sing$44 per single session. The conditions are:

  • The sessions must be booked in January 2017
  • If you are booking a set of three sessions, they mustbe completed by the end of February 2016

Check out the full details of coaching services below, if you know anyone who might benefit from these services, then do feel free to share with them!

Contact info@integralmeditationasia.com to book or for further enquiries.

Wishing you, your families and loved ones a happy and fulfilling 2016!

Toby & Integral Meditation Asia


1:1 Coaching

Autumn Leaves pathwayToby offers 1:1 integral meditation coaching face to face at his office or on the phone/skype (for long distance clients). Advance booking is necessary.

Sample feedback from meditation coaching client:

“I was a relative newcomer to meditation and had some previous lessons before I first came to see Toby. However, after one lesson with Toby I learned more than I did in all my previous sessions and realised how important it was to have an experienced teacher. He was able to explain the basic methods to me in a way that made sense and my practices very quickly improved. Almost a year later I still benefit from each of our sessions and always come away learning something and feeling good. Thanks Toby”

Click HERE to visit Toby’s client feedback and testimonals page.

Are you looking for:

  • Practical guidance on how to get the best results from your meditation practice relatively quickly and easily?
  • Mental focus and clarity?
  • The ability to feel and touch peace, happiness and relaxation each day AND become more able to accomplish the qualitative life goals that you wish for?
  • Help to pinpoint exactly what meditation/awareness practices would be most “right” or effective for you in solving your daily challenges and problems?
  • A system of meditation that is easily customizable to your needs, circumstances and inclinations?
  • Very personalized guidance relating to the specific issues at hand that could range from life’s purpose, emotional connection, shadow issues, technical meditation challenges, developing self confidence, advice on spiritual issues and so on…

Click below for the particular forms of meditation and mindfulnes coaching that toby offers.

Handle Stress and Have Peace of Mind – Personal Coaching with Toby

Stress Transformation Coaching

Shadow Self Coaching

Meditation/Stress-Transformation for Couples

Mindful Goals Coaching

Client Testimonial: “I got more than I was expecting!  I thought I was coming for some generic meditation training, to help me focus and meditate more effectively.  What I’ve had is deep emotional coaching, a much better understanding of what meditation is about and how it can be brought into day to day life to help deal with whatever emotions come up.  In addition I’ve now had 3 very different meditations to practice, all tailored to my personal needs. – WA

For more client Testimonials click HERE

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