Special offer for 1:1 Coaching For January at Integral Meditation Asia (Via skype or face to face)

Tree Dreaming Taya BarishevDear Integral Meditators,

Integral Meditation Asia has two special announcements for January:

1) First of all there is a special offer on all 1:1 coaching from now until the end of January. If you sign up for a 3x 60 minute package on any of the special forms of coaching offered (see them listed below) then the price is just Sing$510. The usual price for such packages is Sing$600. If you have been looking for some mindfulness & mindfulness coaching then this is an ideal time to act!

The sessions can be done just as easily via skype as they can live face to face, so if you aren’t in Singapore, this is not an obstacle!

The only condition on this special offer is that you must register for the start of the sessions before the end of January, and they must be completed within the time-span of 5 weeks.

2) Secondly I have launched an entirely now life-coaching program called Life-fullness  – The Integral Coaching Program which is a medium and long term format of coaching for those who may be looking for a life-coaching program that explicitly integrates mindfulness as a central practice. I’ll be writing and hopefully doing some short videos on this theme over the next few weeks, but for now do click on the write up and have a read!

Yours in the spirit of the fullness of life,


Different coaching sessions at Integral Meditation Asia:

Handle Stress and Have Peace of Mind – Personal Coaching with Toby

Stress Transformation Coaching

Shadow Self Coaching

Meditation/Stress-Transformation for Couples

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