Meditations for Integrating Your Ego, Soul and Spirit, and other March classes at IMA

Dear Integral Meditators,

This March we have two main events at IMA. The first is that on Tuesday 11th March, 7.30-8.30pm we have the Monthly Integral Meditation Class: The Way of the Enlightened Fool (click link for full details). This will be a one hour evening class on how to develop your ‘crazy wisdom’, and how the path of the fool represents an important aspect of the path to awakening and enlightenment. If you are not able to attend this class, then it is still available to you as an MP3 recording.

Then on Sunday 16th March, 2.30-6pm we have another brand new workshop Meditations for Integrating your Ego, Soul and Spirit, the full details of which I have posted below. There is an early bird discount until Thursday 6th March, so if you know you would like to come and want a great offer, then do book your place before then!

If you are not able to make the 16th but would like to come to this workshop the  do let me know, then there is a possibility that it could be done twice in March the second date being not fixed yet.

Yours in the spirit of integrated enlightenment,


Meditations For Integrating the Ego, Soul and Spirit

Boat, lake, treeDate: Sunday 16th March

Time: 2.30-5.30pm

Location:  Basic Essence, 501 Bukit Timah Road, #04-04 Cluny Court, Singapore 259760. Click HERE to see map of location.

One sentence summary: Learn how to meditate in such a way that your ego, soul and spirit are all being developed in a equal, harmonious and integrated way.


Would you like to develop your meditation and mindfulness practice in such a way that it helps you to:

  • Feel confident and happy within your ego and personality in daily life
  • Give the deeper yearnings of your soul a space to develop and find fulfilment
  • Experience daily progress towards a deeper spiritual awakening

If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ then this is definitely a workshop for you!

This is a practical workshop about:

  • What  the ego, soul and spirit are
  • How they are different from each other and require different methods in order to develop in healthy ways
  • How we can grow our ego, soul and spirit together within us through simple meditation and mindfulness techniques

The challenge for balancing the ego, soul and spirit is that each of these parts of ourself seeks happiness in different ways, which can lead to conflict and confusion.

This workshop consists of very practical and do-able meditations and practices that will help your ego, soul and spirit find happiness and fulfilment in ways that are mutually supportive rather than in conflict with each other.


The results you can expect to gain from this workshop:

  • A set of concrete meditation and mindfulness practices that will help you to lead a happier, more meaningful and genuinely awakened life
  • The practical wisdom and understanding to know how to integrate your ego, soul and spirit together within yourself in a harmonious manner.
  • A more confident ego and personality
  • Greater fulfilment on the soul level
  • The capacity to recognize and rest comfortably in your Spiritual Self, allowing it to nourish and renew your life each day
  • The opportunity to transform your relationships and working life through the power of an integrated soul, spirit and ego


Workshop structure:

Hour 1: Talk on the ego soul and spirit as attitudes to life, followed by a practical exercise on how we can develop these attitudes through meditation and mindfulness. Q&A/Discussion

Hour 2: Talk and meditation on the ego, soul and spirit as ways of going, being and participating in the world. Time for Q&A

Hour 3: Talk on the ego, soul and spirit as aspects of our identity or self, practical meditation on these three aspects of our identity. Time for Q&A and concluding remarks.

There will be time taken for drink breaks and rests at appropriate points.


In addition to the workshop you will receive:

  • Mp3 recordings of the meditations and talks done in the workshop itself
  • Studio recordings of the essential meditation exercises involved to help you keep practising after the workshop
  • Written notes, diagrams and articles relating to the class


Cost of Workshop: Sing$130


To register or for further details contact: or SMS 65-96750279



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