How to transform your stress through mindfulness

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Throughout my years of practicing and teaching mindfulness I’ve always emphasized stress transformation rather than stress management. My reason for this is simple, in all the environments where I was living during my training, there was always a lot of unavoidable stress around!
You might imagine me during my time as a Buddhist monk back in the 1990’s as enjoying a period of peace and Zen. But in the communities that I lived in in those days there were always multiple challenges, one after another. We lived in large, ramshackle country houses in England, where the roof was springing leaks every other week. The kitchen was always understaffed, the centre car broke down (again) and money had to be found each month to pay the mortgage from very limited resources. Living in community one on top of the other meant a lot of relationship friction. My training always happened in circumstances of semi-chaos, so I had to learn to work with it, and make it a part of the curriculum!
This is why in my ‘Harnessing the Power of Stress’ Programs for companies and businesses, I teach you how to not just cope with the stress and tension that you and your team are experiencing, but thrive off of it. Stress is either making you stronger and more resilient (eustress), or it is impairing your performance and making you weaker. This program teaches you the mindfulness tools to make the stresses that break many people become the sources of your strength!

Further Resources: Do check out my article on ‘The eye of the Storm – finding peace in the non-peace’, and you can also check out the stress transformation section of my website, which has over 30 of my articles on the subject.
Upcoming Courses: I also have two workshops for the public on stress transformation in June: Mindfulness for Managing Conflict on the 2nd, and Meditations for Transforming Negativity and Stress into Energy, Positivity and Enlightenment on the 9th!

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