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Dear Integral Meditators,

Summer is fully upon us, and to celebrate I’ll be offering a four module online course on Dynamic Calm. Full details are below… You can Listen to my 5 minute talk and 10 minute meditation on Dynamic Calm HERE!

Here as well is a 10minute meditation on three types of calm that I did at Microsoft a few years back. It’s a live recording, so the sound quality is not nearly as good as the online course will be, but it gives you a sense of some of the ‘visual keys’ that we work with in the course! And the related article is here: What is the Quality of Your Calm?

In the spirit of dynamic calm,


​Dynamic Calm: Meditations for increasing your somatic, emotional and mental intelligence – A four module online course

Course launch date: Thursday July 12th

This is a multi-functional, integrative meditation course that aims to help you achieve the following goals with simple, do-able, time effective meditation practices:

  1. Build a sense of focused calm within that is resilient to the stresses and challenges of your personal and professional life
  2. Achieve deeper states of meditation and expanded awareness relatively easily, and in a balanced way
  3. Increase the level of your somatic, or body awareness to promote physical health, vibrancy and your sense of ‘being alive’
  4. Increase your ability to work with difficult emotions constructively, and sustain positive pleasurable emotions more easily
  5. Nurture your intuitive, visual and imaginative intelligence in a way that you can combine usefully with your rational mind

Listen to Toby’s 5 minute talk and 10 minute meditation on Dynamic Calm HERE!

The course is presented in four modules that will be sent to you sequentially over a period of three weeks from July 12th. You can listen to them immediately upon release, or in your own time at your own pace. Each module will consist of:

  • An introductory talk followed by a main meditation (45mins to an hour in length)
  • A short, simple 10minute ‘summary and integration’ version of the main meditation for daily use

The module titles are as follows:

  • Module 1 – The calm of solidity: Building your somatic and body-based calm and intelligence
  • Module 2 – The calm of flow: Building your emotional calm, flow and intelligence
  • Module 3 – the calm of space and light: Building your mental calm, focus and inspiration
  • Module 4 – Integration: Integrating your three levels of calm, intelligence and inspiration together, with a focus on practical application in daily life

This course will be of particular interest to you if you:

  • Would like to learn how to access a space of calm centeredness in all circumstances
  • Want to conserve energy currently being taken up in stress and anxiety so that you can use it to do the things that you love and enjoy in your life
  • Are interested in bringing a quality of calm to your life that is not just a place of stillness and peace, but also a source of strength, resilience and dynamism
  • Are interested in developing a meditation practice that is flexible and invites you to explore and develop your own wisdom and insight, rather than being rigid and dogmatic?

The contents will enable you to build a daily meditation practice clearly and easily if you are beginner, but will also be easy to integrate into an existing schedule if you already have a practice.

Pre-launch price: Sing$80


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