Mindful Goals Coaching


In a sentence: 

This is a 1:1 coaching service with Toby that focuses upon how you can use engaged mindfulness and meditation as a way of achieving specific goals in your life.


  • Are you looking for concrete ways that you can combine improving your mental peace and centeredness with moving forward toward your goals in life?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself struggling to bridge the gap between your life goals and your daily actions/experiences?
  • Would you like to have a personally created mindfulness training program designed specifically for your needs and to help you achieve what you want in life?
  • Have you wanted to take up mindfulness and/or meditation for a while, but have not been able to because you are so busy striving to achieve your life goals? This coaching program will help you to bring together your life goals and your mindfulness practice so that one will help and re-enforce the other!

Mindfulness and meditation training is like physical training; different mindfulness practices will bring different results into your life.
So, why not get some professional mindfulness coaching  to tailor your mindfulness practice to that it brings you the specific results that you are looking for and helps you tangibly to achieve your life goals?
Toby has 18 years of practical meditation and mindfulness experience which he will can help you to create a specific set of do-able daily practices that you can integrate into your life and take it in the direction that you want to go.
Mindfulness practices can enhance any area of your life, and help to solve the challenges that you face. They can also be time effective, requiring as little as 10minutes practice a day.  Investing in Mindful Goals Coaching could be one of the best decisions that you make to achieve the quality of life that you want!

Client Testimonials:

1. “For myself, the coaching sessions got right to the heart of issues I was having. Toby facilitated in a particularly tactful, caring and intuitive way. We really managed to find clear, practical ways to tackle difficulties head on, and immediately.
I have undergone several coaching, and personal development training sessions and courses. None were as valuable or tailored as the ones with Toby. I can also revisit my notes if ever I wish to refresh my mind. Many thanks Toby.”

“The lovely, simple techniques you shared have enabled me to be honest with, and about, myself in such a way that is really liberating. I’ve been surprised at how quickly I’ve experienced the benefits….  I love the honesty and practicality of this process and the fact that it’s leading me towards a better understanding and acceptance of myself and ultimately (I hope) to tapping into my full creative potential – in whatever form that may take.”

“I got more than I was expecting!  I thought I was coming for some generic meditation training, to help me focus and meditate more effectively.  What I’ve had is deep emotional coaching, a much better understanding of what meditation is about and how it can be brought into day to day life to help deal with whatever emotions come up.  In addition I’ve now had 3 very different meditations to practice, all tailored to my personal needs.”

Click HERE to visit Toby’s client feedback and testimonials page.

For more details:
To explore the possibility of  doing some Mindful Goals coaching with Toby please contact 65-96750279 or email to info@tobyouvry.com

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