Can Meditation Improve Your Romantic Relationships? (Free meditation and online course)

Dear Integral Meditators,

  • How can meditation improve your romantic relationships?
  • Is it possible for your romantic relationships to actually improve your meditation? (rather than distract you from it!)
  • Can I reduce my stress and improve the quality and quantity of my romantic love at the same time?

Back in 2010 I did a series of meditation classes entitled “Romantic Love as a Path to Healing and Enlightenment”. I have decided to put it up as an online course, the details of which you can read below.

Here is the meditation from module 4 for you to listen to for free, it looks specifically at the role of passion: “Meditation on building passion as the central fulcrum of creative love in your life and relationships”  (30mins approx)

Romantic love is an amazing and wonderful space to explore. To get a sense of this check out the article on the ‘Five types of romantic love that we can experience‘.

Yours in the spirit of mindful love,


The Six Stages of Love: Romantic Love as a Path to Inner Healing and Enlightenment – An Online Course

This is an online course that can be accessed, downloaded and listened to in your own time at your own pace. If you purchase it you will be given a course webpage and a password reference that will give you full access to the course content.

Cost of the Course: Sing$65



This series of five meditations and talks considers six particular stages of the development of romantic love. These six stages in turn act as a metaphor or analogy through which we can understand what the essence of love is, and how to grow it in our life as a force of healing and enlightenment.

You will see how you can apply an understanding of these six stages BOTH to our intimate relationships and to our own personal growth.

Often personal, romantic love and universal or spiritual love are perceived to be antagonistic in our life. These course aims to give us clear understandings backed up with practical meditation techniques for learning how to integrate different types of love into our life in a way that makes them complementary and mutually supporting.

Quote by Toby from the opening talk in module 1:

This is a series of five classes on the healing power of love, and in particular of romantic love. When you say ‘romantic love’ to somebody, most people’s minds will move toward the idea of a relationship between two human beings who fall in love with each other. What these meditations and talks are about is looking at romantic love in a bigger context; seeing how it plays out not just in our relationships with people, but also in terms of our relationship to ourself, to the universe, to nature and landscape, to our experience of art, and to work that we feel passionate about.

It is about seeing related patterns of romantic love and how they play out in all of these different domains and areas of our life. This course looks at how we can actually place the path to enlightenment into the paradigm or framework of the different stages of romantic love. 

I hope it will also improve your human relationships! If you understand the dynamic of romantic love in general it puts you in a very good position to achieve a greater harmony, balance and bliss in your own personal romantic relationship

Course content – The Five Modules:

Each module contains a 20minute meditation and a 20-30minute talk. The course also provides you with written summaries of the modules, diagrams and relevant articles for you to read.


Module 1: An introduction to the six stages of love’s growth and development as a path of healing and enlightenment

Module 2: Attraction and desire; How to include and enjoy these types of live in your life (and understand how they are not contradictory to your spiritual experience of love)

Module 3: Intimacy and trust; How to grow the roots of love deeply and stably in your relationships

Module 4: Building passion as the central fulcrum of creative love in your life and relationships

Module 5: The transformative power of bliss and ecstasy – Connecting to the experience of enlightened love.


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