Are you looking for the next level for your meditation practice? Free meditation recording and talk on Enlightened Flow

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Dear Integral Meditators,

I hope this message finds you well, here is a Free Talk on Enlightened Flow:

Enlightened Flow Preview Meditation and Talk (Click to play, right click to download)

In this talk I  outline the basic processes of Enlightened Flow Meditation and explaining why it offers people who have been meditating for some time an opportunity to deepen their practice and make it more effective by using the Enlightened Flow techniques.

If you have any questions on Enlightened Flow after listening to it, then you can email me at . If you feel inspired to take the next step, you can find full details of the three hour Enlightened Flow Workshop HERE.

I’ve also prepared a Seven Minute Video on Enlightened Flow:

Yours in the spirit of Enlightened Flow,


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