2 Week Online Meditation course: Going Beyond Happiness – Using the Wisdom of Paradox to Find a Deeper Level of Fulfilment and Wellbeing in Your Life

Date: Wednesday 3rd & 10th July

Time: Online Teleclass 8-9pm Singapore time on both days.

Click HERE to get the equivalent time in your timezone. You can either listen to the live call but you will also be sent the link to listen to and download the recording of the course at your leisure.

Everyone is looking for happiness, and yet often it is our strong attachment to what we think will give us happiness that actually get in the way of accessing a deeper level of contentment and wellbeing that is always available to us.

This meditation course teaches how to:

  • Access a sense of spaciousness, focus and peace within your mind amidst stress and uncertainty
  • Use your current unhappiness and dissatisfaction to stimulate your happiness
  • Go beyond ordinary forms of happiness to a deeper and more stable form of contentment and wellbeing

This two session online course teaches simple but deep mindfulness and meditation techniques for going beyond the conflicting dynamic of our ordinary mind into a state of awareness that is able to remain both peaceful and appropriately dynamic even when under the stresses and strains of our daily life, emotions and work routine.

The teacher, ex-Buddhist Monk Toby Ouvry has derived the methods taught in this workshop from his own 18 years of meditation experience in combination with traditional techniques taught in Zen and other non-dual meditation traditions, as well as insights from contemporary philosophy and psychology.

Suitability: The methods taught in this workshop are easy enough to apply for the intelligent beginner to meditation and mindfulness, but the course content has a depth that will be fully appreciated if you already have some meditation/mindfulness experience and are looking to take on a more subtle and dynamic form of practice.

Course Content:

Session 1 (3rd July):

  • Meditation exercise 1: Awareness as a method for remaining calm, un-distracted and present in daily life even when under stress
  • Talk: How to use mindful awareness and the wisdom of paradox to gain control over our ordinary experience of happiness and pain.
  • Meditation exercise 2: Practising the wisdom of paradox in meditation.

Session 2 (10th July):

  • Meditation Exercise 1: Going deeper into the power of awareness itself as a method for finding our inner centre when under stress
  • Talk: Going deeper into the power of mindful awareness and the wisdom of paradox to liberate us from our ordinary experience of pleasure and pain, and find a deeper level of fulfillment and wellbeing
  • Meditation exercise 2: Finding and resting in a natural, deeper level of fulfillment and well-being.

In addition to the attending the workshop you will receive:

  • A workbook clearly outlining the practices taught and the ideas behind them
  • Two short MP3 recordings to support your daily practice after the workshop has ended

Cost of Course:  Singapore $55


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